360° Express



  • Phase One: With our Senior Associate, the participant chooses his or her 'molecule' of respondents. The Senior Associate also helps finalize the special 360° Express® questions that will be used during the feedback session
  • Phase Two: At the beginning of the 360° Express® feedback session, the participant makes a brief introduction and then leaves the meeting room
  • For about two hours, our Senior Associate covers each question with the participant's 'molecule' of respondents and anonymously notes their replies on flip-charts
  • When the participant returns, the respondents temporarily leave the room. Our Senior Associate reviews each answer with the participant, who makes initial notes to guide his responses to the group of respondents when they return
  • Then, the 'molecule' of respondents returns and the participant reviews each answer and tells the group what sort of follow-up action he or she will be taking. This closes this phase of the 360° Express® program
  • Phase Three: Within three days, the participant meets our Senior Associate one last time to finalize the long-term actions he or she will be taking and when and how to communicate these back to the 'molecule' of respondents


Program Outline

Leaders who…


  • You will receive rapid and precise feedback on your leadership style from a 'molecule' of respondents who know you well in your professional setting
  • Our Senior Associate meets you to customize our special set of feedback questions and to set up your 'molecule' of respondents
  • These will include peers, subordinates, your immediate superior(s) and possibly outside stakeholders, such as clients and suppliers
  • A few days later this group meets for two to three hours with our Senior Associate as Facilitator
  • When they have passed through all the feedback questions, you join the group, review their answers and comments which are set up on flip-chart paper around the meeting room
  • You finish the session by telling the group exactly what actions you intend to take as a result. These then become your Leadership Development Action Plan


This program is for you if you…

  • Need rapid, top-quality feedback on your leadership style
  • Want to optimize your influence and effectiveness as a leader
  • Have been in your present position for less than 12 months and would like to make some 'mid-course corrections'
  • Are a project Manager or Team Leader and you need to react quickly to the changing dynamics of your team
  • Are leading people through important changes


Objectives and benefits

Participants will:


  • Discover the leadership styles that those around them find most effective
  • Discover the leadership styles that those around them find least effective
  • Have a clearer idea of the challenges they face in their leadership role
  • Will be able to make informed changes to their leadership style
  • Will become excellent role models for those they lead


Individual Development
Team Development
Organizational Development
Human Synergistics Development