Certification Human Synergistics®



3-Day intensive workshop for specialists in Organizational Development and Training. Participants are accredited to use all the latest Human Synergistics technologies, including LSI® I and 360° Leadership profiles, Group Style Profiles, Organizational Culture profiles, Survival Situations, Business Simulations, Stress and Conflict Inventories and all the Human Synergistics support materials and documents.


Human Synergistics technologies fall into two related families of tools:


  • Sociometric profiles for individuals, teams and organizational cultures
  • Simulation games and case studies such as Survival situations and Business cases


Who will benefit from this programme?

  • Directors of Human Resources
  • Organizational Development Specialists
  • Human Resources Consultants working with their clients
  • Specialists in Coaching
  • Consultants in Organizational Change


How the programme works

Prior to the workshop, participants complete a Human Synergistics® LSI® I inventory which ensures they receive their LSI® I profile and report on Day One.


Day One


  • How to use basic Human Synergistics® Survival simulations to develop team skills
  • How to diagnose team behaviours using the Group Styles Inventory (GSI®)
  • How to use the Human Synergistics LSI® I technologies as individual coaching tools
  • How to effectively use Human Synergistics® Business Simulations


Day Two


  • How to use advanced Human Synergistics Survival simulations to develop team skills
  • The Life Styles Inventory (LSI®)
  • Advanced techniques for using the Group Styles Inventory (GSI®)
  • How to use the Human Synergistics LSI® 360° technologies as individual and leadership coaching tools
  • How to use advanced Human Synergistics® Business Simulations
  • The Human Synergistics® Conflict inventory


Day Three


  • The Human Synergistics® Organizational Culture Inventory (OCI®) and Organizational Culture Report (OCR®)
  • The Management Effectiveness Profile System (MEPS®)
  • The Human Synergistics® Stress Profile Inventory
  • LSI® Influence cards and other Human Synergistics® support materials


This is a three-day intensive workshop. You will learn the key Human Synergistics® theories and concepts and immediately practice and apply them in survival and business simulations. At the end of the workshop, you will be fully certified to use all the Human Synergistics® technologies in your own custom-built programs.



« The Human Synergistics accreditation programme greatly exceeded my expectations. The sociometric profiles and the survival and business simulations are very powerful and will allow me to bring considerable added value to the programs I build and deliver to my clients. They also enabled me to learn a lot more about my own personal style. I strongly recommend this programme to all professionals working in the fields of Human Resources, Training and Development and Organizational Development. »


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Valérie Jacob, Consultant and coach


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