Program in two sections:


First you will follow an intensive 1-day 'CO-Achieving' workshop with a special coaching case study and you will receive your own LSI® Coaching Profile.


The next day, you will meet your Executive Coach for a confidential 1-on-1 coaching session to explore your LSI® Coaching Profile results and build a Personal Development Action Plan.


Program Outline

Day One

  • Before the workshop, participants complete an LSI® Coaching profile questionnaire
  • The 1-day intensive workshop starts with part one of the specially-designed 'CO-ACHieving' team case study
  • Participants then receive their LSI® Coaching profile and match their results to the 'CO-ACHieving' case study
  • After analyzing their results, they make a Team Coaching Contract and apply it to part two of the 'CO-ACHieving' team case study
  • The workshop ends with participants preparing a draft Action Plan to be discussed with their Executive Coach

Day Two

  • The following day, participants meet one-on-one for 90 - 120 minutes with an Executive Coach
  • They review their LSI® Coaching profile and draft Action Plan
  • The result of the session, which is entirely confidential, is a finalized Personal Development Action Plan for the participant


Who should attend

  • Senior and mid-level Managers
  • Project Managers
  • High-potential professionals working in team environments


Objectives and benefits

Participants will:


  • Learn a powerful but simple model of 12 key coaching styles
  • Be able to recognize the four styles that have a positive impact on teams and when to apply each one
  • Be able to recognize and reward superior performance
  • Quickly take the appropriate actions to correct poor performance
  • Learn effective strategies to delegate and control important tasks and projects
  • Plan and organize the on-going development of those that report to them
  • Identify high-potential performers and ensure their optimum professional growth


Individual Development
Team Development
Organizational Development
Human Synergistics Development