Coaching with LSI®



You should already be familiar with the Human Synergistics LSI® 1 and/or 360° profiles and have followed the Human Synergistics® accreditation programme. During the 1-day workshop, you will review the 12-style LSI® model and then look at how to interpret different profiles and coach participants to use their results. You will look at how to work with especially difficult profiles and the most appropriate actions to suggest to your participants.


Program Outline

  • As a prerequisite, participants will have followed a Human Synergistics® accreditation workshop and have their own LSI® 1 or 360° profile
  • The workshop starts with a thorough review of each of the 12 styles in the LSI® circumplex
  • Then participants look at how to coach their clients to optimize each style
  • We look at special case 'problem' profiles and how to interpret them
  • Participants then take on case studies to practice the concepts
  • The workshop finishes with a full-group question-and-answer open discussion session


Who should attend

  • Professional Coaches
  • Internal and external Consultants who frequently coach individuals in a 1-on-1 situation


Objectives and benefits

Participants will:


  • Have an up-to-date knowledge of all the concepts underlying the Human Synergistics® LSI® 1 and 360° profiles
  • Be able to help individuals in leadership, management and professional positions to become more effective in their functions
  • Have tools to develop 'fast-track' individuals
  • Be able to assist 'problem' individuals in becoming more effective on the job













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