Conflict Management



At the beginning of your intensive workshop, you will complete an LSI® Conflict Management profile questionnaire. You then follow a video-based Conflict Management case study and build your personal LSI® Conflict Management visual profile. This profile is designed to reveal your use of constructive or defensive styles in resolving conflicts. Then, working with a Conflict Management Development Guide, you will build your own Action Plan to optimize your Conflict Management skills back on the job.


Program Outline

  • Participants arrive for an early breakfast and complete an LSI® Conflict Management questionnaire
  • Then, in small teams, they resolve a video-based Conflict Management case study
  • This case study gives effectiveness scores which are then compared to the data from their LSI® Conflict Management profile
  • After analyzing their results, they make a Personal Development Action Plan to apply the key lessons learned to their on-the-job conflict situations


Who should attend

  • Managers responsible for evaluating individual and team performance
  • Negotiators
  • Project Managers
  • Sales professionals
  • Purchasing professionals


Objectives and benefits

Participants will:


  • Learn a powerful but simple model of 12 key conflict management styles
  • Be able to recognize the four styles that have a constructive impact on conflict resolution and when and how to apply each style
  • Be able to build lasting solutions to resolve difficult conflicts
  • Obtain high levels of 'buy-in' from all those involved in resolving conflicts
  • Know when to press their 'pet' solutions and when to compromise
  • Be able to coach others to use the most effective approaches to resolve conflicts













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