Individual Coaching



We use the following dynamic equation to guide our coaching programme for Senior Managers:


Awareness x Action = Results


Participants receive a full Human Synergistics LSI® 360° profile and report to ensure objective awareness of their strengths and areas for professional development. Then we build a Coaching Profile to focus on actions and measurable results.


Who will benefit from this programme?

  • Senior managers who wish to continue their professional development
  • Candidates for senior management positions
  • High potential or 'Fast-track' employees being considered for eventual promotion to senior management ranks
  • Participants in a formal or semi-formal succession planning system


How the programme works

  • We hold an initial meeting with the participant's immediate superior to check for his/her objectives
  • We then meet with the participant and explain the way our programme works
  • The participant then completes a Human Synergistics® LSI® 360° electronic questionnaire
  • The participant receives his/her LSI® 360° profile and development report
  • We debrief the participant on his/her results and set a time and date for the Coaching Profile meeting
  • We build a Coaching Profile with the participant, focusing on specific measurable actions and results that build on the LSI® 360° recommendations
  • With the participant's authorization, we summarize the key Coaching Profile actions to the participant's immediate superior, together with tips for successful on-going follow-up.
  • We meet with the participant and/or his/her immediate superior at quarterly intervals for 6 to 12 months to ensure the actions in the Coaching Profile are successfully implemented with measurable results














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