« The organizational effectiveness survey for the City and the Human Synergistics leadership profiles set up by Colin Newhouse & Associates, enabled us to identify and set in motion concrete actions to improve our effectiveness as a team. »

City of St-Lambert
François Vaillancourt, General Manager

"Top marks for your ‘360° Leadership’ program and the coaching session that followed. The 360° leadership profile and the perception of those around us at work, leads us to positively challenge our ‘egos’ and the way we approach work, but especially it helps us to grow, not only as leaders but as human beings…We cannot ask more than that!"

Municipaliity of Victoriaville
Christine Saint-Pierre, Director, Leisure, Culture and Community activities

"I found the STYLUS Leadership profile to be particularly valuable for myself personally and for my key Directors. We shall be sharing this technology with other members of the Clarins organization. We also found our Facilitator's interventions and comments to be very useful and to the point".

Groupe Clarins
Christian Courtin, Président General Manager 

"I found that, although our senior management team had a solid idea of our strengths and areas for improvement, it was very valuable to us to have an objective, outside view. The approach used by Colin Newhouse & Associates has provoked us into making real and constructive changes."

St-Hubert Bar-B-Q Ltd.
Jean-Pierre Léger, President and CEO

''Our 360° Team Leadership program helped us to grow both professionally and personally. We were able to identify important actions that have enabled us to work together much more effectively as a Senior Management team''.

City of Côte-Saint-Luc
Ken Lerner, General Manager 

"Our leadership programme at the Hilton Montreal Airport has been valuable on both a personal and a professional level. Personally, it has put the work component of my life into its proper perspective to provide me with better overall balance. Professionally, it has provided practical hands-on tools to help me manage the vital changes in our organization and draw on the combined strengths of all my team."

Hilton Montreal Airport
Alison Palin, General Manager  

''The case studies, which are directly based on our working environment, were extremely useful. My Conflict Management Profile, with its accompanying Development Guide, will be invaluable for my own professional development and for coaching my employees.''

Quebec Loisirs
Carole Marier, Store Manager

''This seminar ('The 360° Leader') accurately showed me how my leadership style directly influences the corporate culture I manage''.

Pactiv Corporation
Anthony D.J. Searing, Plant Manager 

''I achieved a huge payback from the '360° Team Leadership' programme. In particular, I found the 1-on-1 coaching session to have a very positive impact on my leadership style. It has allowed me to improve my listening styles and to install a participative climate in my business unit. This has been very productive on several projects, for example on our recent cost-reduction initiative. I can highly recommend this programme for Senior Managers. ''

Stéphane Rousseau, General Manage 

''Two of the most valuable elements in my 360° Team Leadership session were the discussions we had around how the Kruger organizational culture should evolve and improve and also the personal coaching I received on my 360° Leadership profile and report which resulted in specific action plans''.

Kruger Products
Nancy Marcus, Corporate Vice President, Consumer Marketing 

"Our 360° Leadership’’ program from Colin Newhouse and Associates was of great benefit to our Senior management Team. Our Facilitator did a great job and I would highly recommend this program to others."

Champlain Valley Physicians Hospital
Stephens M. Mundy, President and CEO  

''Our 360° Team Leadership program was very valuable, both for the members of our Executive Team and for the organizational culture at our plant. We found the high quality of the individual coaching to be particularly useful. I have no hesitation in recommending Colin Newhouse and Associates for senior management teams who need to understand and perfect the impact of their leadership styles on their organizations. ''

Uniboard Canada
Carl Dumas, Plant Manager

''Our 360° Team Leadership program was very useful in developing the awareness of effective leadership behaviours for my team. It was very strong on specific, concrete actions to take. We found the 360° profiles and the follow-up coaching sessions to be especially valuable.''

Hilton Caribe
Jose Campo, General Manager

''My 360° Leadership profile and coaching programme has helped me make some very significant improvements in my style as a leader of our research division. In particular, I am better able to promote teamwork by recognizing and building on the strengths of my key players, I have been able to resolve some key performance issues and I have acquired a longer term, more strategic, perspective to my activities as a senior member of our management team. Overall, I have achieved a better balance between my professional and my personal life.''

AstraZeneca R & D Montreal
Philippe Walker, Vice-President, Discovery Management Team

"What is most useful to me are the specific pointers on how to increase my personal effectiveness as a leader."


Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada
Margaux Beland, Director, Partnership Programmes

''The feedback I received during my 1-on-1 personal coaching session allowed me to build a clear and precise development plan. I also greatly appreciated the innovative teaching techniques used in the workshop.''

Basell Canada
Normand Miron, Director Marketing

''This is a great reality check! This seminar has shown me how to bridge the gap between my own values and the perception people have of my values through my behavior.''

Chubb Insurance Company of Canada
Sami Sayegh, Vice-President, Manager for Canada – Loss Control Services

"This seminar enabled me to envisage and plan several positive changes in the way I approach leading and motivating my team."

Compagnie 3M Canada
Ross Muro, Regional Manager, Eastern Canada

"As a busy HR Training Consultant with clients all over the world, I have to design and deliver top-quality programmes with very little lead time. The 'Train-the-Trainer' workshop from Human Synergistics has allowed me to quickly integrate highly credible management simulations into several of my programmes. I recommend this workshop to internal and external trainers and consultants."

Paul Loftus and Associates Inc.
Paul Loftus, President

"This seminar exceeded my expectations. The flows was perfect and the methods used helped me to understand the importance of leadership style."

Bell Canada
Erasmo Tiseo, Director, Corporate Controller Group for BCE